Linux offers an alternative operating system to Windows. For long now, Linux users have felt excluded from the online casino action unfolding because of their relatively small number. This has changed recently as being open source software, the operating system has a freedom that is building to its awareness and usage. As a result, new online casinos compatible with Linux are emerging into the market every other time, providing entertaining gaming options in safe and secure environments. Linux users, including even Ubuntu operating system users, now have access to three channels for playing their favorite online casino games.

Ubuntu OS is something anyone running a Linux machine since 2004 has to be already familiar with, considering the number of users it has is over 12 million. Ubuntu is currently the most widespread of Linux operating systems for desktop computing and roughly comprises of half the whole of Linux market.  The factors contributing to its popularity include its ease of use, as it has been designed for your basic computer user and not the programmers, and it comes free. In spite of all this, the OS has still been ignored by online casino developers for long, leading to a growing concern about its compatibility with the casino software downloads among Linux fans.

Top Linux Casinos

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What Types of Online Casinos are Compatible with Linux?

The three playing options now available include instant play, installing Wine, and installing Windows.

Instant Play / No Download Casinos Work On Linux

No download casinos provide the easiest method for playing online casino games on Linux. Nearly all online casinos you come across today have an instant play option for their software, which requires no downloads. This option enables players who don’t use Windows OS to access the casino services via web browsers. One click of a button is sufficient to avail the software and for Ubuntu users, any Ubuntu browser that supports Flash graphics and animations will get the games running directly.

All this implies that no installations are necessary except for Adobe Flash Player. You’ll find it on the Adobe site, readily available as freeware. Installation is straightforward and for those players using 64-bit Ubuntu, tutorials can be found through Ubuntu user groups on the Internet. Installing the Flash application provides unlimited access to every instant play casino. Many of the table games and slots in downloaded casinos are usually available here, and they run flawlessly.

The pros of the instant play option are that there is no downloading of large files to your hard drive, you can play from any computer with Internet connectivity. Also, getting started is very fast- you log in, select a game from the instant play menu, and play.

Wine Installation for Linux Online Casinos

Linux users can get the same full casino experience that Windows users enjoy through running the Windows-specific .exe files. The user must start by downloading the open source program known as Wine, which is a Windows emulator. Wine program allows Windows applications to run on Linux and other OS’ by translating Windows API on the fly. This means the full casino software download, developed specifically for Windows, will play locally, and the performance will be fast and reliable.

To install Wine, you download the software package most suitable for your Linux version from the Wine official website and the use WineTools for the installation and setup. At this point, you’ll also need to install TrueType core fonts and Windows system programs. After the installation of the emulator, the user must then download the casino software and run it in the emulator. There should be no problem with this working regardless of the Linux or Ubuntu version being used. However, you have to run the command that starts the installation. The last step involves rebooting Wine with the command “wineboot”.

There could be a few connection or technical glitches, and adjusting a number of settings and options may be necessary to get the casino programs working properly as well as to acquire full functionality. All the same, the Linux user who insists on having some online casino software downloaded on their computer still gets a pretty viable alternative.

Installing Windows via Dual Boot to Play Casino Games on Linux

Setting up a dual boot system is the third option a Linux user has for accessing an online casino. It involves installing Windows onto a Linux computer and allowing the two operating systems to run simultaneously. Therefore, whenever the computer is on, you have two options of the OS to use. You then download the online casino software in the Windows partition so that you can do all your stuff in Linux while still being able to play the casino games. You get the best of both worlds.

The downside to dual booting is that more hard drive space is taken up. It is also a risky process as it basically entails partitioning the hard drive, which brings with it the possibility of file loss. It’s important to understand the Linux dual boot process before attempting it to protect your computer and get a positive outcome.