When online gambling was just breaking into the scene, back in the 90s, Internet connections were mainly dial up, and therefore slow and unreliable. This made gaming nearly impossible. Two decades later, the Internet has become super fast, going up to speeds of 100mbps, which has facilitated the development of fast gaming platforms like Java casinos.

Java is a programming language that is compatible with nearly all computers and provides a very mature and stable platform for online casino gambling. It enables instant browser-based play without any software downloads and works on systems like Linux, Mac, Windows, Unix, and Webtv.

Top Java Casinos

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How do I get started with Java Casinos?

You may have to do some installations in order to use Java casinos, though most computers are bought with pre-installed Java Runtime Environment enabling you to access the Java casinos without downloading anything. However, for computers that have been reformatted or are custom builds, the JRE is not installed by default. This is when you have to first download and install Java in order to play at these casinos. You can test the Java-readiness of your machine by visiting the official Java test site. You know you are ready to start playing when the Java applet loads automatically. In case no such applet is displayed on the page, you will need to download and install the Java Runtime Environment.

What Games Can I Play at Java Casinos?

The common notion about Java casinos is that their games are less than those of downloadable casinos, but the real money online casinos emerging with Java specific software have proved this wrong with the hundreds of games they offer. Any game that is offered at a downloadable casino can be played at a Java Casino. The full game suite includes slots, video poker, table games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and craps, and specialty games like scratch cards and keno. The games are available in all their variants, so you’ll find both American and European roulette or Classic Blackjack and Pontoon, among many others.

There are specialized Java Slots sites that offer hundreds of online Java slots in different styles and with different themes. You will find a combination of classic 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, modern 50-payline video slots, and hybrids with pop culture themes. In other words, there is no limit to the casino games you can find at Java casinos.

How Do I Get to Play Real Money Java Casino Games?

Java online casinos offer both free play money and real money versions of their games. Once you sign up as a player, your account is a free account quite by default. This allows you to gamble without risking any cash, and it serves as the test drive of the casino software. However, to play with actual money, you have to convert the account into real play mode. This is easy; just deposit real money. Most casinos accept Paypal, credit cards and other e-wallet type services. The moment the deposit has been verified, you gain access to hundreds of real money games right from your browser. Now you can either choose to wager on a game at the exclusive cash tables or play for free.

What Makes Java-Based Games worth Playing?

The major reason for playing at Java casinos is the convenience that comes with them. There are no big software downloads so time is saved; with no software downloads you avoid downloading malware; and there is instant access of the slot machines and gaming tables directly from the web browser. In fact, with Java casinos, you can play on any computer with Internet connection and from any place, including a library or Internet café, without having to install third-party software. As long as the machine has Java, you simply log into your account and start playing.

What is Java?

First developed in the mid-90s by Sun Microsystems, Java is a programming language that aimed at solving cross-compatibility. There were other powerful languages before Java, such as C and C++, but they were not standardized across computer architectures, and this made it extremely difficult to develop compatible online casinos and other apps. Java came to solve this specific problem in the world of programming.

The Java code is usually compiled down to a bytecode, which is a standard language, thus enabling any machine installed with Java to read it. This is what allows online casino developers to build software that is capable of running on any operating system or computer.