Online Casino Compatibility

While playing at an online casino for the first time, one of the most important things you must consider is whether the casino will work on your computer. As long as you are using a machine with an operating system that is compatible with the casino software, you can access the full range of games offered. The easiest way to check compatibility is by checking the website for software compatibility terms.

Generally, online casinos are usually accessible in two versions: downloadable and non-downloadable versions. The no download casinos come with varying compatibility for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. More recently, compatibility for mobile devices has also become a factor at play. Some casinos are also getting ahead of their competition by offering a more realistic casino feel through the offering of live dealers. In short, what you are looking at here is the widest range of gaming experiences than never before in the history of online casino gambling.

Download Casinos

The download casino usually requires a player to first download the software client onto their computer prior to playing. Players can then select the game they want to play and place wagers on it. This version of casino softwarerequires no browser support, yet it still manages to make contact with the service provider. The download casino is actually a better option than the version that requires no download as its sounds and graphics programs are not loaded via the Internet but instead situated in the client, so they run faster. This version is compatible with Windows operating system.

Windows, a product of Microsoft, is a graphical user and OS series. After Windows 95, the OS has remained a standard, and for this reason online casino developers have been mainly focused on developing software that is compatible with it. This is why players with Windows computers have such a huge range of online casinos and games to choose from.


No Download Casinos

This version of an online casino is web-based. Players access the games and play them right on a browser, with the casino client never leaving the gaming website. They do everything directly on the website via the browser including making deposits, wagering, and withdrawing winnings. The games at these casinos are predominantly offered through browser plug-ins like Macromedia Flash, Java, or Macromedia Shockwave.

Mac Compatible Casinos

Mac comes with most of its applications pre-installed, making it the most protected OS against viruses and spyware, hence making it the safest platform to play online casino games. It is only very recently that casinos have started offering a Mac compatible version of their software client. Mac casinos are no download casinos, and the casino games are accessed via the Safari browser.

Online Casinos for Linux

Linux has grown into a preferred choice of OS among PC users only in the last 10 years. This is open source software that provides a stable gaming platform and supports a wide range of programs. Casinos are usually accessed via Linux browsers as there are yet to be casinos that can be downloaded directly on a Linux system. All the same, running a Windows emulation program like Wine will still get the downloadable version running.

Online Casinos with Flash

The no download casinos require only standard browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Opera Mini, and Internet Explorer, and they can be Flash-based or Java-based. The Flash-based casinos are very resource-intensive but deliver a rich graphical experience. Most online casinos are compatible with Flash. However, iOS mobile devices do not support the program, and Android devices may also soon phase out support for it.


Casinos Compatible with Java

Java is a more common program with no download poker sites. The program is very mature and stable, which makes the gaming experience delivered the closest there is to the one with a downloadable client. The downside with this program is security concerns that require you to disable it in your primary browser and run your Java-based casinos exclusively on a separate browser.

Mobile Casinos

The younger worldwide generation is more tech savvy, which has resulted in the trend for online casino gaming leaning towards the mobile platform. This generation is a big part of the mobile users who are turning to mobile casinos, as they lead on demand lifestyles laden with activities and so prefer playing games on the go. The convenience of mobile gaming is incredibly attractive for players from all walks of life.

Live Dealer Casinos

Live Dealers are the latest of the online casino innovations, and they currently apply for BlackjackRoulette, and Baccarat. Live dealers are real dealers who are physically based at a remote location and are made visible online in real time via live streaming video feeds. They are typical casino employees, attractive and smartly dressed, and they work in shifts to ensure the action keeps rolling round the clock. A casino player can access these live dealer games simply by visiting the live casino page of the gaming site they are looking at. No software download is required, as the table and dealer images are fed directly to the browser.