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Caribbean Stud was invented in the mid to late 1980's. Since then, the game has been a favorite in land-based casinos. With the advent of the Internet, Caribbean stud became a standard inclusion among the table games menu of most online casinos. Here in 2018, the real money online casinos offer Caribbean stud for both dollar-players and high rollers. Today, I want to talk about where you can play Caribbean Stud for free online.

Free Caribbean Stud Casino Games

Players can play for free on many of the real online casinos. Just about every casino offers freeplay versions of their games for promotional purposes. If you play and like what you played, then it's likely you might make a deposit and start playing for real. This is a good way to test out software, learn how to play a new game, or just enjoy the freebie version of a cutting edge website's games. The information below shows that these aren't always perfect options for the non-gamblers, though.

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Microgaming Casinos - The free option on Microgaming casinos only works for those who haven't played for real money on that particular Microgaming site before. Players who start to pay real money for gaming won't be able to go back and play the free games anymore.

RealTime Gaming Casinos - If you're from the United Kingdom or most other places in Europe, then Microgaming or Playtech casinos are likely going to provide all the gambling opportunities you need. If you live in the United States, then the field of options is much more limited. That's where RealTime Gaming helps. RTG casinos offer Caribbean stud for freeplay or real money, so American casino game enthusiasts should be able to enjoy free gaming on about 60 to 65 different RTG sites. Seven different Rival Gaming sites offer similar play opportunities for American non-gamblers. Those are the best options for casino-style gaming for American and UK players, but let's take a look at some free options for people who don't want to register with a casino site.

Caribbean Stud Poker by Bob Stevenson - Bob Stevenson's Caribbean stud poker app as a beat the dealer mode, tactile buttons, and a progressive jackpots. Stats also show the total hands you've played and a best hand option. This free installation came online in 2011 and works for Android 1.6 and up.

22-in-1 Casino & Sportsbook - GApp Technology has a 22-in-1 Casino and Sportsbook application which includes a number of classic games, new games, and oddball options. Video poker, slot machines, and blackjack dominate the list, but players also get the option to play Caribbean stud, keno, baccarat, and red dog. Sportsbook betting is also available, with authentic odds and smooth gameplay. The current version is for Android 2.2 and up.

Grab's Caribbean Stud App - The mobile application design company Grab's marketing slogan for their "Caribbean Stud Poker" app states it's the only official app for the game. That might be the case as far as Facebook gaming goes, because users of this app who connect to Facebook receive VIP bonus chips and gifts for Facebook friends. The game itself has a 200:1 payout. Players need a 2.2 or later Android OS.

Classic Caribbean Poker - Classic Caribbean Poker is a creation of QiYo Creative Network Technology Company Ltd. This 6-deck game offers a 20,000 max chip stack and is available for Android 2.3.3 or later devices. Payouts in this version follow the standard pattern, with a royal flush paying 100:1 on the main game. Downloading the app is free.

Casino App Warning

I should warn players that not all casino applications are the same. I found reviews for one Caribbean stud app where multiple players suggested the designers didn't know the hand ranks. Several complained they had winning hands, only to find they were losing. Another mentioned they won with 10-high against a pair of aces. Though you'd be more offended if this were a download you paid for, you have to be especially careful when choosing free apps, since the developers might not pay quite as much attention to detail. Read the reviews before downloading and go with the weight of the opinion--not just one well-written review.

More Free Caribbean Stud Games / Apps

Playing on Facebook, with mobile gaming devices, or at the real money casinos aren't the only options. Many gambling sites offer tutorial programs and Java script instructional tools to help new players learn the game. Money is on the line in a land-based casinos, so don't learn while you're playing for real money. Get an idea for the bets and what kind of return you can expect before stepping up to the Caribbean stud poker table at the live casino. The same goes if you're playing for real money at an online casino. Practice and learn for free, then decide whether Caribbean stud is the game you want to play.

Caribbean Stud Payouts

The payouts on the Caribbean stud main game include 100:1 for the royal flush, 50:1 for a straight flush, 20:1 for a four of a kind, 7:1 for a full house, 5:1 for a flush, 4:1 for a straight, 3:1 for a three of a kind, 2:1 for two pair, and 1:1 for any one pair (which qualifies).

Caribbean stud offers a progressive jackpot payout, if you make the side bet. This bet is quite similar to the progressive used in Let It Ride (or it's Microgaming equivalent, Poker Pursuit) these days, if you're familiar with that game. The royal flush pays 100% of the progressive, while the straight flush pays 10% of the progressive jackpot. If you get a four of a kind and the side bet is activated, then you receive an additional $500. A full house pays $100, while a flush pays $50. Keep in mind that most side bets in gambling have a higher house edge than the main bet. Sometimes, the house edge is much higher, which is the case with Caribbean stud. Of course, that might not matter much to you, if you play for free. Let's talk about where you can play for free online.