Online Casinos with VIP Comp Programs

The easiest way to get more for your gambling dollar is to take advantage of comp VIP points for casino gamblers. Casino clubs and VIP programs are part of any decent casino strategy, since these groups reward you for your casino gambling with free food, rooms, gifts, and even cash back. Any time the casino is giving you something for nothing, you’re making money and shaving away some of the casino’s advantage.

What Are Comp VIP Points?

All casinos have some form of comp (which stands for complimentary) or VIP program designed to reward their loyal customers. Joining the VIP program at a casino should be one of the first things you do. Ask a casino host for information about the VIP program they offer, and join before you start playing. Once you register for the club, most of the time you’ll get a membership card you use in the various machines you play to get credit for your bets. This card is how the casino tracks your spending and determines how to reward you.

How Does the VIP Program Work?

Every time you use the card, your play on that machine is watched by the casino’s VIP department. Obviously, the casino will reward you for playing more, so the more you bet the more and better rewards you can earn. In areas where casinos are in heavy competition, like Las Vegas, many of them also offer instant rewards just for joining the club. These bonus offers have become really competitive, so the rewards you can get simply for signing up have become better. When you join a VIP club or comp program don’t be surprised if you’re offered free meals, free hotels rooms or room upgrades, free tickets to a show or concert, or even a cash-back offer.

VIP comp point programs allow you to earn complimentary gifts from the casino based on your coin-in amount on video poker and slots. At some casinos, you can also earn for bets placed at table games based on your average bet size, the amount of time you played, and the game you played.

Most of the time, comp points can be used like cash at the issuing casino-hotel property for everything except more gambling. Shop in the casino’s gift shop, buy meals at casino restaurants, and even use them to pay hotel charges. Still other casinos do allow you to turn in comp points for more gambling credits, usually on video poker and slot machines only. It isn’t unheard of for a casino to allow you to cash out your comp points after establishing a cash value for them.

What Is a Casino VIP Program?

Casinos offer VIP programs for members of their comp points or rewards program. When you join a comp point program, you are at the most basic level of the casino’s VIP program. You’ll stay at that level until you hit a certain amount of comp points, when you’ll be issued a different membership card that identifies you as a member of a higher VIP level. This means the hotel-casino will offer you better comps, like special seating in restaurants or at shows, big discounts in the casino gift shop, access to the front of the taxi line, and other goodies not available to members of lower VIP levels.

Climbing the VIP ladder means wagering more money on games in the casino. The trade-off is that you’ll earn better rewards more often the higher on the VIP scale you move.

Are There Any Rules to VIP Comp Points

There is no standard set of comp point or VIP rules; different casinos will have different rules and reward offers for their VIP / comp program. But there are some general truths about VIP comp points.

For example, the fancier the hotel or casino you choose, the more money will be required to earn comp VIP points and rewards. This isn’t always the case, and you should look into the fine print of any comp point program you join, but generally speaking, the more expensive the casino’s rooms, the higher the wager requirement to earn points. The other side of that coin is that the comps you can earn are better at the fancier hotel-casino properties, so it may be worth the extra expense to earn better rewards

Another general rule for VIP comp point programs: shop around. Since VIP programs vary from one casino to the next, you should shop around before you select a club to join.

One final fact about reward cards at casinos: many of them work at multiple casino properties, giving you more access to gambling that counts toward your comp points. An example of a comp program that works at many different casinos is Caesars’ Total Rewards program, accepted at more than three dozen casinos in the USA: seven properties in Las Vegas BLVD, six in Atlantic City, and other casinos in Lake Tahoe, New Orleans, and Tunica. Joining a rewards program that is accepted at lots of different casinos means you can play all over the country and still play into the same rewards program. Not all rewards programs work at multiple casinos, but if you find one that does and you gamble at lots of different casinos, jump on it. You’ll earn rewards faster by playing at different casinos around the country.

Joining comp point programs and VIP clubs at casinos is a must if you want to make the most of your bankroll. Remember that comps and rewards are meant to be a bonus and not the purpose of gambling, so if you ever feel like you’re gambling just to get a free dinner, take that as a sign to stop gambling, take a break, and come back in a different mindset. Comps are important tools for gamblers, but dropping even more of your bankroll trying to get to the next VIP level doesn’t make sense.