No Deposit Casinos

No deposit casinos are one of the latest inventions in the online gambling marketing wars. Certain casino sites offer free play bonuses for promotional reasons. These offers allow you to gamble with house money before you ever make a deposit to their website.

Players register without paying into their account, then receive free no-deposit money they can wager for real-money benefits. When the wagering requirement is met, you can withdraw the free money without ever having made a deposit. This is a major new factor in luring new gamblers to Internet casinos these days.

No-Deposit Bonuses: How Wagering Requirements Works

You might wonder how a casino does this, and why they’d even consider a bank-breaking concept. I’ll explain everything throughout the course of this article. Once I’m through explaining, you’ll know how the system works, what you should expect when playing with free casino money, which casinos offer these deals, and which ones have the best bargains. In other words, you’ll know everything you need to know to find exclusive no deposit bonuses and have them work for you.

Now you and I both know there’s no such thing as a free casino. You can find free online games everywhere. If they want, gamers can find free blackjackroulettecraps, and even slots which they can play for free. But if a gamer wants the excitement of gambling on games of chance, they’re going to have to pay for the experience. Most gamblers consider the house edge the price of entertainment, like paying cash for tickets to movies, concerts, or sporting events.

We can hope for free casino play, which is why the “no deposit casinos” are so popular right now. This is the closest thing yet invented to gambling without risk, because you’re playing with what gamblers call “house money”. It’s just in this case, you get these comps and rebates before you ever put a penny in an online casino.

Free Play Bonuses is the Same as No Deposit Bonuses

The free play bonus comes usually comes in the form of a bonus code you’re given when you sign up. Websites exist which offer these promo codes for free no-deposit cash. I’ll list a few of them myself later in this article.

From searching the Internet for these codes, I can tell you these bonuses range from as small as $5 to as much as €450.

Which Casinos Offer No Deposit Play?

The no-deposit play option is so popular these days, many brand name casinos have been forced to offer their own promotions. Casinos powered by major casino software development companies offer these bonus codes, including Rival Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech, CTXMRealTime Gaming, and BetSoft. Lesser known software packages, such as Top Game, Fast-CPU, PariPlay, Wager Gaming Technology, Amuzi, Net-Ent, NeoGames, and Ever88, also offer these deals. I’ve noticed that the casino’s powered by the biggest software names, such as Microgaming and Playtech, don’t offer nearly the size bonuses as others. IGT and Cryptologic seem to have no presence in these promotions, while RTG is pretty active and Rival Gaming takes the lead.

Why Do Casinos Give Away Money?

As you can see, the no-deposit casino is a widespread practice and virtually every major casino has some sort of program. The lesser known sites tend to offer the biggest bonuses. When a new company just gets into an industry, that business often has to take longer chances and do things to get noticed. That’s what Rival Gaming sites like Paradise 8, AdamEve, Cocoa, and Spintime are doing. Better known outfits like AllStar Slots CasinoRoxy Palace, Slotland, Club USA, Casino Titan, and Paddy Power all have their version of this promotion.

If you’re wondering how a casino gives away money to attract new customers and stays in business, it’s all about the math. As I mentioned earlier, each of the no deposit casinos has a wagering requirement, which you’ll sometimes see listed as “WR” on websites. These wagering requirements stipulate you must wager the equivalent of your free bonus a certain number of times before you can withdraw the cash.

Anyone who’s ever dealt with a signup bonus knows how these deals work. You might be offered $500 to signup up, but the wagering requirement stipulates you’ll need to wager that amount 30x before you can withdraw. That’s $15,000 in bets on a particular games (often stipulated, too), before you get to remove the cash from your account.

House Edge and Wagering Requirements

Let’s be charitable and give a casino a 3.5% house edge. For every $100 you bet, you can expect to get back $96.50 and the casino gets $3.50. That means you would lose $35.00 for every $1,000 you wagered or $525 for every $15,000 you bet.

That’s how signup bonuses work: a casino gives away $500, but expects you’ll lose $525 or bust out before they ever have to pay you a penny. The wagering requirement lets something similar to that happen with the no-deposit casinos.

Should I Avoid No-Deposit Casinos?

Absolutely not, because this is pure gain for you. While the average player is going to get a free play bonus and lose it all before they can withdraw the money, that doesn’t mean everyone is. In fact, a good number of gamblers accepting these deals will win enough to have some money to show for their efforts and will withdraw free money at the end of their gaming session. It’s just that it’s not guaranteed.

If it’s worth your time to play a bunch of no-deposit casinos, you’ll end up winning more free money from these no-pay casino offers. Just know that you will strike out some of the time and you should expect to strike out on these occasions. Still, if you’re going to be gambling at an online casino anyway and you’ve wanted to shop around and check out the software on various casino websites, it’s a good idea to find the no-deposit casinos and play them for no risk whatsoever.