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One of the first things that blackjack veterans will notice about Match Play 21 is that it’s similar to Spanish 21 in that it has the 10 cards removed from the deck.

Apparently, there’s good reason for that. That’s because Match Play 21 is one of Realtime Gaming’s versions of Spanish 21. This is a good thing for American players, since the majority of Realtime Gaming casinos accept real money players from the states. Most casinos don’t, leaving players that want to play Spanish 21 (or any game like it) out in the cold.

But not anymore. If you’re an American that wants to participate in the big bonus promotions and blackjack games that RTG casinos have to offer, then this is your opportunity. Read the rules to Match Play 21 below, and then go get started playing blackjack online today.

How to Play Match Play 21

Match play 21 is played with 2-6 decks. The game will start with all players making their wagers, and then being dealt their cards. Once the cards are dealt the action will begin. Here are the rules you and the dealer have to follow, as well as the options that you have for playing your hand.

  • Dealer hits soft 17.
  • Dealer peeks for blackjack with ace or ten showing.
  • Players can double after splitting.
  • Players can split (up to) 3 times to make 4 hands.
  • Players can re-split aces.
  • Players can draw to split aces.
  • Players are allowed to surrender.
  • Players cannot re-double.
  • Players can surrender after doubling down.
  • Blackjack pays 3:2.
  • Insurance pays 2:1.

Your objective is to beat the dealer’s hand in points. So if the dealer has a 16, you want to have 17 points or more. If the dealer has 19, you only win if you can get a 20 or better. You want to accomplish this without going over 21 points. If you do, you automatically lose. If the dealer ends up with a bigger hand than you, you lose then, too.

You’ll notice that these rules favor the player. That’s because the removal of the 10 cards increases the house edge so much that better player rules/options were put into place to balance it out. the casino has over you. So now the house edge is a relatively low .76 percent.

Match 21 Bonus

The following table shows you the payouts for Match 21’s bonus. This requires no additional bet on your part. All you need to do is make one of these hands.

  • Match Play 21 – The player has 777 suited and the dealer is showing a 7. This pays 40:1. The dealer doesn’t have to match the player’s suit in order for the player to win.
  • 7-7-7 Spades – This pays 3:1.
  • 6-7-8 Spades – This pays 3:1.
  • 7+ Card 21 – This pays 3:1.
  • 7-7-7 Suited – This pays 2:1.
  • 6-7-8 Suited – This pays 2:1.
  • 5-Card 21 – This pays 2:1.

Keep in mind that on the 3 card payouts, that’s based on your first 3 cards dealt to you.

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