Online blackjack is meant to simulate the live blackjack experience, but electronics and software cannot (yet) truly mimic the experience of live casino blackjack. In this article, I’ll discuss the major differences between software blackjack and land-based blackjack table. In some ways, the brick-and-mortar game remains superior, because card counting strategies are impossible in online blackjack.

Online blackjack has advantages which live dealers could never hope to match, though. Convenience and travels expenses greatly favor online blackjack. Also, live dealer blackjack puts card counting back in play. Live blackjack splits the difference between land-based blackjack and online blackjack.

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Online Blackjack

Online blackjack played through a casino software download is going to be determined by a random number generator. The RNG is the same device which has determined slot machine and video poker machine winners for decades, so it’s a safe and trusted technology. Websites find outside auditors like the Technical System Testing (TST) or GamCare to independently audit their records more than once a week, to prove their games are fair. Industry-insider watch groups like eCOGRA also exist to ensure fairness in gaming. Despite these measures, some players don’t enjoy the online blackjack software, simply because they enjoy chatting with live dealers or seeing something besides virtual blackjack tables and cartoon player icons. Still, online blackjack has many advantages.

Online Blackjack Advantages

Online casinos tend to have more variations of blackjack to play than all but the biggest land-based casinos. The many betting limits, side bets, and alternate twenty-one rules give you a wider game experience. Playing blackjack with software also lets you keep a better record of your wins and losses and how much money you’ve spent. Players have a total record of their many hands, so they can analyze if they used the right strategy or not. Also, the best blackjack bonuses and VIP rewards work for all games, instead of just the slots and video poker machines. While the blackjack cashback and rewards doesn’t accumulate at the same rate as it does for slots, this is still an advantage over brick-and-mortar gaming.

Online Blackjack House Edge

The house edge tends to be better in Internet gambling, if you know where to look. The competition for players (customers) is fiercer than it ever could be in live gambling. You’ll find great discounts and deals if you know where to look in Las Vegas, but this often requires going downtown or entirely off the Strip. When you play at a local Native American casino, this is often the only gambling house for hundreds of miles. These establishments have no need to offer good deals and good odds, because they’re the only show in town.

When you go online to play blackjack, it’s a different story. If you don’t like how an online casino is treating you, a hundred other casino operations are a click away. It might take 5 minutes to download blackjack software and depositsome money, but you’re otherwise playing within minutes at a better website. The Internet is a storehouse of information, so you can find the best discounts by reading one of the many blackjack forums and gambling communities–or an online blackjack article like this one.

Blackjack with Privacy

One advantage to online blackjack is privacy. The beginning player doesn’t get distracted by a bunch of noise and chatter at his or her table. The private blackjack table and the free blackjack software are good ways to learn the various twenty-one games without giving up enjoyment or cash.

Live Blackjack Advantages

Live blackjack is the traditional game you grew up playing. It’s you and up to 6 other people playing at a blackjack table. You see the cards turned over and, assuming you trust the dealers and their casino employer, you know the game is fair. If you sit at the dealer’s far right, you’ll see numerous cards dealt by the time it’s your move. This can be a big advantage in single-deck or double-deck blackjack.

That’s one reason players prefer the multi-hand blackjack games which are so popular online these days. In multi-hand blackjack, you have the privacy you would in a single-hand blackjack game at a private table. At the same time, you’ll see several hands dealt before you get to your final hand (usually the 5th). Multi-hand blackjack done right gives you more information before you make certain bets.

Live Dealer Blackjack Online

Even if live blackjack from a real dealer had no built-in advantages, some players would want a game like they’re used to in the casinos they’ve been frequenting all these years. That’s one of the reasons live blackjack online has become so important for Internet casino operators to offer.

Live dealer blackjack online is presented to players through video streaming. The dealers are based out of a dealer studio, usually in Eastern Europe, Central America, or the Far East (depending on your language needs). These dealer studios are maintained by large casino software licensing companies like Playtech or Net Entertainment, though specialty companies like Evolution Gaming also exist for the purpose.

Many of these outfits prefer to hire attractive female blackjack dealers (and advertise this notion), but in either case, players have the ability to speak with their blackjack dealers again. Live blackjack tend to focus on one or two key games, instead of the myriad of games online blackjack offers. If you have an issue, you can talk to the pit boss, just like you would in a real casino. In all cases, the camera stays on the table at all times, so the video never pans away from the game at hand.

Online versus Live Blackjack

Online blackjack is an evolving way to play your favorite casino game. I’ve even seen video simulations with lifelike (yet simulated) blackjack dealers, though the game still uses an RNG program. Though the current online blackjack package addresses most issues lovers of live gambling have raised, the gap between live-and-online is only going to shrink with time. As technology gets better, your online gambling experience is going to more closely resemble the game you’ve enjoyed all these years in the real casinos–except with a whole new world of options. Feel free to make suggestions to the online blackjack casinos where you play. These companies are always looking to improve, always looking for an edge over their competitors. Keep demanding the best online blackjack possible and the industry might evolve into just the sort of game you want.