Windows Mobile Blackjack Apps

Windows Mobile blackjack apps are programs that allow people with wireless devices using Windows as their operating system to play blackjack on their cell phone or other mobile device. Examples of cell phones and wireless devices that use Windows as their operating system include certain Samsung phones, Sony Ericsson phones, and Cherry Mobile phones.

The nice thing about having a device that’s powered by the Windows operating system is that finding blackjack (and other casino game) apps that are compatible with your machine is reasonably easy to do. Of course, plenty of companies create apps specifically for Windows mobile devices, but most online casino websites are already compatible with Windows-based machines anyway. So the number of choices a Windows mobile user has available is significant.

Most of the apps that you can download from the Windows app store are either free or available at a nominal price, The quality of this software varies widely, though. Some of these blackjack simulators are extremely basic, while others look really nice, but the random number generator seems to be a little bit wonky.

How to Download Blackjack on Windows Mobile and Playing for Real Money

Downloading an online casino client is an obvious alternate solution, but that carries other considerations with it. If you’re planning to just stick with the play-money versions of the games available from that casino, you’ve got no problem—but keep in mind that the reason an Internet casino makes a free version of their software available in the first place is in order to entice you to play for real money. I’ve experienced unbelievable winning streaks on the free versions of these casinos’ software in the past, and I’m convinced that this was largely just to convince me to try playing for real money. Of course, when I started playing for real money, the winning streaks were a lot less common.

That’s not to say that online casino games are rigged. They don’t have to be rigged. All casino games, in both real-life brick and mortar casino and in virtual casinos online, have their rules set up in such a way that the casino is guaranteed a profit over the long run. This is called the house edge, and even in a game as generous as blackjack, the house edge usually runs between 0.5% and 1% of each bet. That means, over the long run, the house expects to win that percentage of the amount of money you put in action on the game.

Finding a Reputable Windows Mobile App

A more legitimate concern about an online casino that you’re planning to play on a Windows machine is the reputation of the gambling operation. All of these companies operate overseas, and the level of government oversight varies based on the jurisdiction in which they operate. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada seems to be a little more generous in what they allow from the sites they license than the Isle of Man Gambling Commission, for example. You should do your homework and compare casino reputations carefully before depositing money with them.

You should also be aware that gambling online, even with a mobile device, is considered illegal in certain jurisdictions. It’s rare that a player would face any kind of enforcement action, but you should still be aware of the legal implications of playing blackjack for real money on a cell phone in your jurisdiction.

Here are a couple of other tips you should keep in mind. Always use basic strategy. Playing your hunches in blackjack is just bad strategy, and in the long run, it will cost you more money. Also, never play with money you can’t afford to lose. Blackjack, even when played with perfect basic strategy, is a negative expectation game. That means if you play long enough, you’ll eventually lose. That’s no big deal if the entertainment is worth the expense, but if you’re hoping to quickly double your rent money so that you’ll have extra money for Christmas, you’re apt to be disappointed (and possibly homeless.)