Depending on the source you trust, the percentage of the population of the Internet that uses Mac computers, laptops, and other devices is between 10 and 25%. There is a lot of disparity between these numbers because of a variety of research methods. No matter what number you trust, it’s fair to say that a good chunk of the Internet citizenry rely on Apple products for their access. These numbers are on the rise in a big way, too; in the year 2000, Wired reported that only 5-8% of people on the Internet had Macs. Whatever the case, many Mac users play blackjack online, so we’ve put together this guide to Mac blackjack casinos.

As the percentage of Macbook and iPad users climbs, online casinos are doing whatever they can to capture a growing population – Mac users that want to place real cash bets over the Internet. The issue that Apple fans run into when they try to join online casinos is compatibility; downloading blackjack software usually requires a computer running Windows. The hassle an Apple laptop user would have to go through to run Windows (an emulator and other support programs would be required) is probably too much for most wannabe online gamblers.

It is still uncommon to find Mac-compatible download software at casino websites, so playing blackjack on a non-Windows machine means playing download-free games displayed in your web browser.

Top Blackjack Mac Casinos

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How to Find Mac-Compatible Blackjack Games

The news isn’t all bad for owners of Apple products who are interested in playing real-money blackjack games; you may not be able to enjoy the download software packages prepared by Internet casinos, but you can almost certainly play your favorite games of chance and skill at any of the major web-based gambling venues. That’s because a majority of Internet betting sites offer no-download gambling that works perfectly with Macintosh-friendly web browsers.

Finding a blackjack game that will play on your beloved Macbook Pro is easy if you resign yourself to the fact that you’ll have to choose a site’s instant-play versions of the game. Remember that it isn’t just Apple product owners that can’t access download-only sites; PC owners who run alternative operating systems also won’t be able to run the .exe files required as part of a downloaded casino software suite. It doesn’t make sense for casinos, always hungry for new members and repeat business, to shut out an entire portion of the computing world. That’s a big part of the reason for the wide range of instant-play gambling options Mac users have.

Looking for a blackjack game that you can play on your iPad or other Apple-designed product is identical to the process a Windows gambler would take, except that Mac users have to narrow their focus to those sites that offer instant gambling only. Look into the options of those sites with no-download games available, make sure they accept deposits in a format that works for you, check out their variety of blackjack and other games to ensure you’ll have games you like to play, look into their bonuses for online blackjack and other promotions, and pick the site that fits your needs.

The Advantage of Instant Play on a Mac

The main advantage to instant gambling online (for Macintosh owners) is that they don’t have to run a Windows emulator or – worse yet – buy a PC if they want to play crapsroulette, or slots over the Internet. Customers who have already invested heavily in Apple’s relatively-expensive computers aren’t going to want to spend any more money just to play blackjack at an Internet casino. Unlike PC users, Apple fans don’t have much to shop for in the budget department, with the least expensive iMacs in the $1,200 range. Getting instant access through Java or Flash animation to blackjack and other games means not having to re-invest in a PC that runs Windows just to play a little 21 or pull an online slot machine lever.

The Disadvantage of Mac Blackjack

If you’ve never played a download version of a casino’s games, you may not notice the difference between games available without a download and the same games as part of a suite of casino software. Mac users who have never seen download-only games don’t have anything to compare instant blackjack to, so this disadvantage is probably not a big deal, but it should still be said: gambling in your browser as opposed to in a piece of software on your hard drive means lower quality and less variety.

Playing table games or video poker on your Mac gives you access to a smaller library of games which are themselves not as nice to look at or sometimes as adaptable as downloadable titles, simply because of limitations in bandwidth and the animation functions of web browsers.

Hopefully, Apple devices will one day be common enough that these sites start releasing full-fledged download games for Mac OS, just so that the portion of the world running a Mac product can get access to a wider variety of better-looking games. Expect this to happen if Macintosh devices continue gaining on PCs in terms of their number of users. Casinos will do whatever they can to capture as big a pool of players as they can, so as more people demand download blackjack for Macs, it’s more likely that we’ll see Apple-compatible online games.