Free blackjack games don’t cost any money to play. You might spend a little money upfront buying the software, like those disks you can buy on Amazon, but even that isn’t necessary. Plenty of Websites offer free games to play. Some of them are online casinos who are just trolling for customers, but some of them are just informational sites that are supported by advertising.

Why Play Free Blackjack?

Since most gamblers are attracted to casino games because of the potential to win money (and the risk of losing money), the natural question becomes, “Why would anyone want to play free blackjack, anyway?”

And at first glance, that attitude makes sense. After all, winning and/or losing money is the entire point to playing a casino game, isn’t it?

Free Mobile Blackjack

One of the most popular and easiest ways to find blackjack games you can play without risking any money is on your mobile phone. Everyone I know carries a cell phone around with them these days, and playing free games on that device is one of the best reasons to actually have one.

Benefits of Free Blackjack

Upon deeper examination though, several benefits to playing free blackjack games become apparent pretty quickly.

For one thing, playing blackjack can be fun even without real money on the line. We know lots of people who play football without betting on the game, so they must be doing that for fun, too. Many people who watch football on television without betting on the games. They might or might not have as much fun as people who have a little money on the line, but they’re still enjoying themselves.

If you’re playing football without a bet on the line, you’re doing it for the physical stimulation and the competitive thrill of besting other players. Blackjack offers the same thing, only it’s an intellectual stimulation rather than a physical stimulation. Besting the dealer is always fun, even when the dealer consists of nothing more than an artificial intelligence program inside of a computer.

Learning How to Play

Another perk to playing free 21 games online is that it’s a great way for a beginner to learn how the action works before risking any actual money. In fact, I’d recommend to anyone who wants to play real blackjack for real money to play the free games first. For one thing, you’ll avoid mistakes that might cost you real money in a game. For another thing, if you’re planning to play online, you get the opportunity to try the software to see whether or not you like the look and feel of the interface.

Most free 21 games don’t require a download, either. Some people don’t mind downloading software to their computers, but I know lots of people who would just as soon not have that kind of software on their computer. So not having to download a software app is a definite perk of free blackjack.

Learning Basic Strategy

You can find free blackjack games which also act as basic strategy tutors. Basic strategy is the mathematically correct play in any given situation during a game of blackjack, and a player who masters basic strategy provides the casino with less of an edge than someone who just makes decisions based on their gut instincts. It’s a significant difference, too.

Depending on the rules, a basic strategy player might reduce the casino’s house edge to as little as 0.5%. That means out of every $100 a player bets, he can expect to lose only 50 cents. That makes basic strategy well worth learning, especially since a gut instinct player loses $3 or $4 for every $100 wagered.

Learning to Count Cards

And some free blackjack games also offer card counting tutors. I think that practicing your card counting with a real deck of cards in a setting that resembles a real casino is the best way to practice counting cards, but how many people can afford a set-up like that? The nice thing about a card counting tutorial is that computers don’t make mistakes, and they check you periodically to see if you’ve kept count correctly.

Disadvantages of Free Blackjack

The biggest disadvantage of free blackjack is the one we already discussed. There’s no money on the line, so it is, in a sense, a pointless endeavor. Some people might even call it a useless waste of time. (On the other hand, even if there were money on the line, those people would still think most card games are a waste of time.)

Another disadvantage is that you don’t earn any of the perks of playing a casino game. One of the benefits of playing casino games for real money are the online blackjack bonuses, perks, and promotions that are available. In live casinos, you can get free meals, free show tickets, and even free travel benefits based on how much you play. You don’t get any of these perks when you play the no-cost games available on the Internet.

In fact, even online casinos offer promotions and comps to their players. They’re not as obvious about it, and their perks aren’t as well-known, but if you’re a high roller at an online casino, you’re eligible for all kinds of exciting perks, many of which are similar to what you’d receive playing in a traditional brick and mortar casino.