Downloading blackjack software is a simple process in the year 2021. With high speed Internet connections and modern computer processors, a full casino software download takes about 2 minutes. The player then has access to the full menu of games available, including table games, specialty games, video poker, and slots. The premier table game at any online casino is blackjack, so let’s discuss everything you need to know to master online blackjack.

This article discusses the chief types of software you’re likely to find online. Next, it provides a guide to the download process and what system requirements will be needed. Finally, it offers a few blackjack tips for those who plan on downloading one or more software packages in the near future. Let’s start with the list of blackjack software packages.

Top Blackjack Download Casinos

Ranking Casino Name Bonus Amount Review Payment Options Minimum Deposit Actions

Microgaming Blackjack Downloads

Microgaming is the software used in more sites than any other in the online gambling industry and has been in business since 1994. Microgaming has about 275 sites using their technology at any given time. Microgaming is based out of London, England, so their software caters to players from the UK. About 220 Microgaming casinos, mobile casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms cater to real money players from the United Kingdom. After the UIGEA law was passed in 2006, Microgaming no longer accepts players from the United States at their licensed casinos.

Microgaming blackjack downloads have several dozen variations of blackjack, including classic blackjack, European blackjack, super-fun 21, double exposure, Spanish blackjack, Vegas Strip blackjack, Vegas Downtown blackjack, Atlantic City blackjack, big-5 blackjack, and Vegas single-deck blackjack. From this basic package of games, players have the option to play variants including the multi-hand game, premier blackjack with special feature to help gamblers, gold series blackjack with enhanced graphics, or hi-lo versions of select games. Players also have the option of logging into the live blackjack rooms to have cards dealt to them by real people through live streamingbroadcasts.

Playtech Blackjack Downloads

Playtech is the top rival to Microgaming, with about 235 different websites powered by Playtech downloads at present. Playtech is based out of the Isle of Man, so it also tends to cater to gamblers from the UK and Europe in general. Like Microgaming, Playtech does not allow American real money players at their sites. Players from most countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America tend to be welcome, though. Playtech blackjack is going to offer a similar list of twenty-one variants, though each new company tries to offer something different.

One way Playtech stands out is its inclusion of progressive blackjack, which includes a side bet (with worse odds) which gives gamblers a chance at a big progressive jackpot payout. Blackjack scratchcard offers a game which is like 21-blackjack, but is actually a scratch card game like what you’d find at the convenience store. Players have the option to bet between 50 cents and $10, while prizes range up to $100,000–though the house edge is much higher on this game than most blackjack variants.

Most of the blackjack games offered for download by Playtech are classic blackjack and variations on that game:blackjack surrender, UK blackjack, pontoon, and 21-duel blackjack. Live blackjack is also an option. Blackjack players using Playtech downloads have exciting game options, but new players may want to be careful what they play, until they learn which of these games have the low house edge blackjack is known for.

RealTime Gaming Blackjack Downloads

RealTime Gaming blackjack is the most likely choice for American real money players who want to play online blackjack. RealTime Gaming currently powers 68 different gambling websites, though most of these are casinos. RTG was originally a USA-based company, but after the UIGEA, the company was sold to Hastings International out of Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles. RTG casinos often are licensed and regulated in the Netherlands Antilles, though I’ve seen their products authorized out of Kahnawake in Canada, Gibraltar, and even Panama. RealTime Gaming lets their casinos which license their software decide which players to allow into their sites. Many decided to accept American players.

RTG blackjack downloads are going to look different than either Microgaming or Playtech, but many are counterparts of games you’ll find on other sites–only under different names.

Besides classic blackjack, you’ll find pontoon, European blackjack, match-play 21, and perfect pairs. A game similar to Microgaming’s super fun-21 is found under the name “super-21”, while “face up 21” is the same game as double exposure. RealTime Gaming still doesn’t have live blackjack, so this is the major departure from the blackjack downloads European players enjoy. The live blackjack requires a payroll of casino employees and facilities, which is still something of a luxury in the online gambling industry.

How to Download Blackjack

Whichever software package you choose, the download process is going to be the same. When you get to the homepage of your chosen online casino, find the button or the link which says “download”. This is almost always prominent on the home page and should be evident immediately. Once you click on this link, you might be prompted to register. Don’t worry about having to make a deposit of cash–that comes a little later for the real money players. Much of the time, the download process begins without registering.

After the download begins, you’ll be asked whether you want to “install” or “run” the software. If you want to execute the software or play the games, click “run”. If you want to install for a later gaming session, click “install”. Either way, the software is added to your hard drive for later use. Downloading the blackjack software saves it on your PC or Mac, so you don’t have to go through a process again. All you do is click on the software icon (hopefully on your desktop), then click on the name of the blackjack game you want to play. At this point, you can deposit some cash in your casino account and start playing blackjack for real money using your casino software download. Once set up, all your information stays in memory, so you can enjoy your gambling hobby with the greatest convenience.