Live dealer baccarat is one of the four main table games which the best online casinos now offer via live streaming, along with blackjackroulette, and casino hold’em. Baccarat has superficial similarities to blackjack, but baccarat is a game with no tactics to learn, making it a favorite with players who enjoy gambling without the need for strategical thinking. Baccarat was long the game of whales, played in roped-off areas for high limits, but since the invention of mini-baccarat in the 1980s, more players have flocked to these tables. In an Internet setting, online baccarat offers slightly better odds than single-zero roulette, making it the game of choice for those who don’t want to count cards or play according to some formula.

Baccarat Odds on Live Dealer Games

Baccarat has a low house edge, making it a favorite with players who enjoy low-intensity strategy games which give good paybacks. The house edge for your basic baccarat player may not be quite what it is for blackjack players using strategy or video poker players who know what they’re doing, but the odds are better for either of those games if you’re a beginner or “playing your gut”. Thus, it can be said that baccarat offers the best odds in the casino, if you want to gamble on a game where you don’t use strategy. By the way, even with the vigorish, the banker odds are slightly better than the player odds. You shouldn’t look at dealer/player as a dichotomy between gamblers and the house, as gamblers can bet on either set of cards.

Winner Casino Live Baccarat

If you’ve been gambling online for a number of years, you’re probably family with either Winner Casino . Winner Casino is licensed in the Netherlands Antilles and their software is powered by Playtech. If you’re never used the Imperial eClub casinos, you’ve certainly used Playtech software before, since that large software provider also services bet365 CasinoWilliam Hill Online, and Betfred Casino.

The live baccarat dealers at Winner Casino are broadcast from Playtech’s controlled dealer room, which includes the latest in video streaming and online gambling site interfaces. The Playtech casino employees stream live from their dealer room somewhere in Europe. These video feeds go live to all Playtech licensees who use live dealers. When you play, you can choose to play using either the no-download Flash version of the game or the fully downloaded casino software.

Payouts for the live baccarat includes 1:1 less 5% vigorish for the banker and straight 1:1 when the player wins, with the vig taken creating the house edge. Ties pays at the standard 8:1 rate.

Bet365 Live Baccarat

Bet365 uses Playtech software, though their online games are licensed and regulated by the government of Gibraltar. Most features are going to be similar to what you read in my summary of Winner Casino’s live baccarat, though you’ll have the novel option of playing in the European live room or the Asian live room. This gives more language options for non-European players, but also lets you do something different than what you’ll get from the standard Playtech live streaming room. No download is required, while you chat with the dealer and browse through a full bet history. This includes roadmaps. The Asian room has 5 variation to choose from, along with dealer chat options. Once again, instant play live streaming exists, but you’ll need the Adobe Flash plugin to interface. A full betting history is available.

888 Live Dealer Baccarat

888 live dealer baccarat uses Entwine Tech, which you may know better as Entertasia. 888live Casino offers standard, baccarat pairs, super baccarat, and premium baccarat. All games use an 8-deck shoe and offer the same 0.95:1 banker, 1:1 player, 8:1 tie, and pair side bets you’d expect. If you like to track player or dealer streaks (not suggested), emphasis is placed on Big Road, Big Eye, Small Road, and Cockroach software. Minimum bets are $20, while max bets range up to $15,000. 888casino uses the same live dealer software as BWin Casino, so if you’ve had any experiences at VC Casino with live baccarat, you know what to expect.

William Hill Live

William Hill’s live baccarat dealer room’s biggest attraction is the high betting limits set. The top-end bet limit is $80,000, far outstripping the amounts you can bet even on 888 casino’s live baccarat page. The software used is from Evolution Gaming (888, Unibet, Blue Square), with both a classic view and 3D view available. Roadmaps include the Big, Big Eye, Cockroach, and Bead roads. The time between deals is about 25 seconds, which is quicker than most of the other casinos offered on this page, which are around 30 seconds per gamble. You can choose a video quality level to suit your computer’s connection speed. The chat feature is in-effect.

Party Casino Live Dealers

Party Casino also uses Evolution Gaming software, so the game options and features should be the same as what you’d get at William Hill Online Casino. I should mention that Evolution Gaming’s live dealers are based out of Riga, Latvia. The Asian live dealer version streams from Macau. Mac or Linux operating systems won’t interface with the full-download casino, but you can interface with a Mac OS or Linux OS using the no-download browser-based Flash game version, if you have an Adobe Flash plugin installed.