IGT Online Casinos

IGT Online Casinos Nearly 150 online gambling sites powered by IGT software are found on the Internet. Most of the total 141 total IGT casinos are in fact UK casinos (129), though the company has almost no interaction with USA-based players. That's ironic, since International Game Technology is based out of San Francisco, California. Of course, that's the reason IGT doesn't accept American players, because they would be raided by some American anti-gambling agency almost immediately if they did.

People hearing the word "IGT" or "International Game Technology" probably think of their land-based casino assets. About half of the slot machines in North American casinos are designed by IGT, but today I want to talk about the online business conducted by IGT Interactive, which is the company's online division. IGT Interactive is sometimes referred to as IGT/WagerWorks, because in 2004, IGT bought out WagerWorks in order to establish an online presence.

UK Friendly IGT Casinos

The United Kingdom and other English speaking nations are a main source of revenue for IGT Interactive. The company has offices in the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand (along with 9 other countries). The Interactive Division has offices not only in San Francisco, but also in London and Manchester in England, as well as Talinn (Estonia) and Stockholm (Sweden). This is a good indication that IGT considers its online business to be a European business. Their technology is found in many of the leading European online casinos.

You might wonder how that can be, since Microgaming, Betsson, Playtech, Net Entertainment, and Cryptologic are consider to be dominant companies among those same casino properties. IGT Interactive software is often found on websites with several other software providers. In some cases, several of the companies offer slot machine support. In other cases, they offer 3D games, live dealer gambling, or perhaps sportsbook services. The brand name casinos often want to tailor their games menu to appeal to the widest audience, so they offer a wide selection of games options from multiple sources.

IGT Online Slot Machines

The obvious reason online casino operators would want IGT games in their casino is the vast popularity of their licensed slot machines. If you can take a property like Elvis the King or Monopoly and transfer it to online play, sites will want this exclusive content. IGT Interactive offers licensed games from franchises like World Cup Slots, Star Trek Slots, Dungeons & Dragons, X-Factor, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, The 50,000 Pyramid, and Wheel of Fortune and give them life online. Wheel of Fortune Slots is the most successful slot machine of all time, by many measures of success. Several different versions of Monopoly Slots appear online, While Elvis Top 20 Slots joins Elvis the King Slots. Even Star Trek Slots has two entries on the list. I shouldn't forget the licensed Transformers Slots, though many people might hope I would. Battleship gets is own online slot machine. So does Jeopardy Slots, which is popular in the offline arena.

The online slots library includes 114 titles in all, including a big number which aren't licensed slot machines. For instance, the most popular online slot machine by IGT Interactive is Cleopatra Slots, which is found on 100 different websites. This 5 reel, 20 line game offers free spins and a max jackpot of 50,000 coins. Wolf Run is found on 47 sites, while Treasures of Troy is playable at 40 online casinos. Other popular choices for Internet casino operators include Pixies of the Forest, which is available in 37, Noah's Ark (34), Siberian Storm (31), and Diamond Queen Slots (22). This contrasts against the most-used licensed slot machine, Cluedo: Who Won It?, which can be played on 68 different sites. The Star Trek and Elvis games are located in 20 to 30 e-casinos apiece.

US Friendly IGT Casinos

Americans won't be able to enjoy these games through computing gambling, though. One authority site lists IGT software as part of a 5-company package that powers one single Malta-licensed casino which accepts US players. I doubt this is the case. I assume IGT Interactive is either wrongly listed among the site's providers of software or the site itself is wrongly listed as accepting US players. When the UIGEA happened, companies like Microgaming, Playtech, and IGT stopped allowing their license holders to accept American gambling money, because that was the surest way to a lot of trouble with the U.S. federal government. I won't debate the UIGEA today, except to say it's a shame American gamblers have less freedom to spend their money from the privacy of their own home than over 100 other nations worldwide. It's a real shame that USA based gamblers can't enjoy American-made virtual slot machines from IGT.

Slot Machine Tips

Not to get too heavy handed, but I wanted to mention to gamblers just starting the hobby that slot machines have some of the worst odds in online casinos. It's true that slots are the most popular games: they provide land-based casinos with about 70% of their revenue. That should tell you all you need to know about the house edge, or why a live casino devotes more and more floorspace to slots row every year. The house edge on slot machines fluctuate a lot, so they might range from 2% to 3% house edge on high roller machines to a 10% to 15% house edge on those with bad payback percentages. The bulk of slot machines tend to sit in the range of a 5% to 8% house edge, meaning you'll win back about $92 to $95 of every $100 you wager. That compares to $99.50 for blackjack and $99.00 or better for some video poker machines.

If you want to maximize your payback when playing IGT slots, use the largest coin denomination that won't hurt you if you lose. The larger the denomination, the better the odds. Avoid the progressive jackpots, because those machines tend to have worse odds than the flat-top or fixed jackpot machines. Play the one-liners instead of the multi-line games, because the multiple payline machines tend to lure you into betting more than you should by maxing out the paylines. Avoid auto-spin features, because that just increases your exposure to the house edge. Read about games before you play, so you have some idea of their house edge. That's about all the strategy in slot machines, because once you put your money in and hit the spin button, it's all luck after that. Most people who play the slots understand all this, but they enjoy the thrill of big jackpots and the entertainment value of the various games. Playing in the IGT casinos gives you the thrills of playing machines by a leading slot designer.