No Download Roulette Games

No Download Roulette GamesNo-download roulette has become a bigger facet of the online gambling industry than it was before high-speed Internet became mainstream and wifi devices became so widespread. These days, people access online casino websites in more ways and they get better performance than ever. These two factors mean instant play casino games are more in-demand than ever, while being more available than one could have imagined in 2000, or even 2005. The days of the fully downloaded casino platform as the preferred method of electronic gaming may be coming to a close.

This change in gambling habits isn't the result of one single trend or event, but a whole array of parallel trends, innovations, and advances in gaming technology. Here and there, more people are starting to interface with Internet casinos who don't fit the profile of the traditional online gambler, who use Microsoft OS and want to download the full casino onto their desktop. Today, casinos have to be adaptive and provide for a wider, more consumer-driven approach to online gaming. Here's why.

Flash Roulette Is Better Than Ever

Flash applications from Macromedia and Abode have become so commonplace that people use these products without even thinking about it anymore. Many online casinos have begun using "flash casinos" for their default no-download gaming. Technology has advanced enough over the last few years that these games are the equal of downloadable casinos in game performance, speed, graphics, sound quality, and music. It's true that many people wanted to download software for good reasons in past years. As more people realize flash games are just as good, instant play is going to become more commonplace. That trend has already started.

Mac Roulette

Another trend is that people have figured out Apple products are great. Back in the 1990s and the early 2000s, most people using Apple MacIntosh devices were computer wonks and contrarians, people who didn't like Bill Gates and thought Microsoft used monopoly power to foist inferior products on the public. Because Mac computers weren't compatible with many websites, operating systems, online games, and gambling platforms, people who weren't in on the secret tended to think Apple computers were flawed somehow. That all began to change with the iPod.

When the iPod came on the market, it caused a revolution in the music industry. People got albums and hit singles off iTunes using a variety of mp3 devices, but iPod was the king of all mp3 devices. People began to realize Apple offered high quality products that worked--and worked well. Following on the heels of the iPod came the iPhone, then the iPad. Once again, Apple was at the cutting edge of new advances in mass market tech devices. Sure, a whole lot more consumers stuck with their Microsoft OS, but the Mac OS became a whole lot more familiar to a whole lot more consumers. All these iOS devices out there meant potential customers to online casinos, so it became important to these operators to find ways to interface with Mac computers.

Linux Roulette

Even more wonky and contrarian were the people who use Linux computers. Linux is an open-source operating system with Unix-like qualities. People who use Linux computers tend to be programmers and advanced computer users who often build their own computers from scratch. While this gives them better performance at cheaper prices and much better security against computer viruses, these devices have been left out in the cold even more than Mac devices when it came to interfacing with computer games, MMORPGs, and online gambling sites. The reason was it was enough of a niche that it wasn't worth the time to casino operators and their software development partners to build the tech that would help them play casino games with their devices.

Lucky for Linux users, flash games and browser-based Java roulette games were compatible with their computer's operating systems. Since no download was needed, this meant interface concerns were largely forgotten.

Java Roulette Is Simple and Easy

Java roulette is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways, to enjoy online roulette. Like flash games, the Java script spinning wheel simulators work flawlessly with both Mac, Linux, and Microsoft OSs. These also work for free and real-money players, so the Java games are about as all-inclusive as an instant-play game can be.

Instant Play Roulette

One reason people use Java games is the same as it's always been: time constraints. Let's say you enjoy European single-zero roulette and that's really the only game you want to play. You can take the time to download a casino's full software package, which contains software for dozens (probably hundreds) of casino games, or you can point-and-click on the European roulette link and be playing instantly. If you have no interest in playing blackjack, craps, keno, video poker, and a hundred different slots games, click on the flash casino or Java games and target exactly what you want to play. Unless you play a lot of different games, casino downloads are a waste of time.

No Download Games of Chance

These are just a few of the reasons a roulette gambler should try the no-download version of a casino. I should also mention privacy concerns on public computers (or even computers in your house). If you don't want your children hacking your computer's password and seeing how much you gamble and, worse, having access to your gambling account, you may not want the full download on your desktop. You might think you have a clever password figured out that your teenager would never consider, but studies show that people use the same log-ins over and over and, more times than not, these are probably their children's initials or birthdays. Even when you have a more complicated password, you probably have it written down somewhere in your home office's desk, so they can find it.

Privacy Issues in Gaming

The same goes for your spouse, by the way. If you enjoy casino gambling online and you'd just as soon your husband or wife not know how much you spend through online gambling, you probably don't want a shortcut on your desktop. As soon as you forget to log out, that's when your family is going to be searching through your computer. I'm not saying you should hide your gambling from your family, but those who don't understand the house edge and how gambling works might not understand how much you wager for the sake of entertainment. Your rest and relaxation might look like a bad habit to the uninitiated.

This goes without saying on a public computer. Those who occasionally gamble on a device that others use should never have a permanent line to their casino accounts. If play at the school library, at the cubicle at work, or anywhere else others might have access to your device, then you're leaving yourself open for what is essentially identity theft. Anyone who happens by could learn your casino account information and, worse, your credit card information.

So when it's time for online roulette next time, consider playing do-download roulette. Flash game roulette is instant, easy, and quicker to play.