Flash Roulette Games

Casinos with Flash Roulette GamesFlash roulette games can be found online which you can play for free or for real money. The real-money roulette games are offered by Internet casinos who want to cater to gamblers who hate downloading roulette games or who have operating systems which aren't compatible.

Those using Mac operating systems and Linux OS's are likely to get most of their gaming fun from either no-download Java or Flash casino games, because the software tends to be designed for Microsoft operating systems.

Free Flash Roulette Games

You can find free flash games for roulette everywhere on the Internet. Many of the online casinos offer free games so people can see how their software works and get comfortable with the interface before playing for real money. Many times, new gamblers to a website want to test the free version of a casino table game, but they don't want to waste time downloading the whole casino software pack. Instead, they'll click on the Flash game version. Those casino websites which use Flash platforms for their instant-play games often have a whole Flash casino.

Just as often, you'll see the link labeled something like "instant play roulette" or "no download roulette". If you happen to see "Java roulette", this might mean the casino operator has decided to offer the instant games through a Java plugin instead of the Flash platform. Occasionally, you'll even see these listed under "Mac games". If you see any of these phrases anywhere on the online casino's pages, click to see if this is the interface you need for web-based gaming.

Flash Roulette for Real Money

Any casino which offers free gaming is going to have the option for real money roulette played instantly, too. These days, people accessing the casino site on their cell phone or tablet computer doesn't want to waste time downloading, so they want the no-download option for their device. Since each of these gamers represents another potential real-money customer, casinos have begun to push the instant-play casino preferences. These sites would prefer you click on the full download, so you'll see this option displayed more prominently, but that's only because downloading the casino games is more of a commitment to use their site. But you might wonder what you'll find without the software designed specifically for the roulette games you want to play.

American Roulette Flash Game

As an example, let's assume you wanted to play an double-zero roulette Flash game. You'll see a artfully rendered roulette simulation shown from a high-angle perspective. This gives you a full look at the table layout and the spinning wheel. You can see where your bets are placed, while also see the ball as it spins and comes to rest. The artwork is just as good as you'll find using casino software anymore, where that wasn't the case in the early days of the Internet.

European Roulette Flash Games

Even better, you should be able to find single-zero roulette in the Flash casino, too. Playing at an online casino isn't like playing roulette in Las Vegas, where maybe two dozen single-zero roulette tables are found in the city--and usually in high roller sections of the casino. When you have countless gamblers navigating through the Internet shopping for the best roulette games, nothing keeps a person from leaving your online casino with its American roulette and, with a few clicks, finding your way to a site that offers the better odds of the Euro roulette rules. It's the equivalent of a Las Vegas casino which refused to allow single-zero games, if their rival across the street offered the same game at low limits and 24 hours a day. Most roulette players would simply walk across the street to the better game, while experienced and knowledgeable gamblers would never return to the site offering worse odds.

Having instant-play Flash roulette lets casinos offer the best game in town in a matter of moments. Those new to Adobe Flash might be wondering which computers are compatible and how easy it Flash games are to use, so I want to discuss the platform and why it's so easy to use.

Macromedia Flash

What is now known as Adobe Flash was originally known as SmartsSketch, but it was only created by the FutureWare Software company as a drawing application for the old PenPoint OS. When the Internet became popular, the applicated was ported to Microsoft Windows and the Mac operating system and renamed FutureSplash. When Macromedia acquired FutureSplash, it took out half the name and simply called it "Flash". Macromedia Flash is therefore how most people first called the multimedia platform. Even after Adobe bought Macromedia in 2005, the name continued to appear.

Adobe Flash

These days, flash is used for everything from video to animation to web pages. The platform allows for interactivity and is often used in flash animations, online advertisements, and especially games. These days, Adobe Flash Player is a tool for rich Internet applications and the Flash Player is in its 11th iteration. On the Flash site, you'll find downloads for the latest Windows and Macintosh updates, along with CS5.5 updates for 11.5.1 (as of this writing). Frequent updates will continue, though there were signs as early as 2011 that updates for Linux operating systems might only be available for one browser.

Instant Play Roulette

For the foreseeable future, you should be able to play Flash roulette with Microsoft, Mac, and Linux operating systems, especially for desktop computers. The same should apply for laptop and tablet computers, too. Gamers using mobile devices might have a different experience in the years to come, though. Adobe AIR has been talked about as a replacement for mobile application stores, while HTML5 has been talked about as a stand-in for browser content.

It might be that one day in the near future you'll be looking up phrases like "Adobe Air roulette", "Air roulette", or "HTML5 roulette". If so, this site will revisit this subject. For now, you should be safe to use the Flash platform for your instant play, no download roulette games.