Real Money Blackjack Online

I’m of the opinion that real money blackjack games are the only kind of blackjack you should play online. Free blackjack is fine if you want to learn how to play, but if you’re just playing for fake chips that aren’t really worth anything, you’re just engaging in a pointless activity. You might as well be playing solitaire.

The purpose of this page is to provide an overview of how real money blackjack casinos on the Internet work.

How to Deposit to Play Online Blackjack for Real Money

Depending where you live, getting your funds to and from the online casino might be difficult or easy. In the United States, there’s a federal law on the books related to transferring money to and from online casinos. It’s called UIGEA, which is an acronym for the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Because of this law, many credit cards and debit cards will refuse to process any transaction that’s coded as being for online gambling purposes.

Other options exist though. PayPal doesn’t work as an option for players from the United States, but it might work as an option in other jurisdictions. Check with the casino and with PayPal about the rules where you live. Other online wallets besides PayPal exist in jurisdictions with legal restrictions, and with a little bit of research, you can probably find a solution for funding your account and withdrawing your winnings.

Best Real Money Blackjack Sites in 2017

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Variations of Real Money Blackjack Games

Traditional blackjack games with traditional rules are available at most casinos, but all of them feature rule differences, just like brick and mortar casinos do. For example, some of the blackjack casinos that you can play with cash might offer a game that simulates a single deck of cards, while another casino might offer a game that simulates a blackjack game using eight decks of cards. For that matter, you might find both of those rules variations available in the same casino, under different game names. As a general rule, the more decks that are in play, the better the game is for the casino—but that’s assuming that there are no other rules variations.

Other rules that vary from game to game include whether or not the dealer hits a soft 17. If the dealer has to stand on a soft 17, the player benefits, but if the dealer hits a soft 17, the casino benefits. Some casinos allow players to double down after splitting, while that option is unavailable at other casinos or in other games. (To learn more about the dealer, read our dealer probabilities page.)

The biggest game variation a player should be aware of is the payout for a blackjack. Traditionally, a natural 21 pays out at 3 to 2, but in some newer games, the payout for a natural is only 6 to 5. This might sound like a minor rules difference, but it’s anything but. That single change to the rules gives the casino an additional 1.39% edge over the player. Avoid 6/5 blackjack at all cost.

Casinos have also come up with blackjack variations with fancy names like Super Fun 21, Spanish 21, and Blackjack Switch. All of these games trick up the play a little bit with different rules. For example, Super Fun 21 offers lots of bonus payouts for various hands, but they only pay even money on most naturals, which tilts the odds back in the direction of the house. In Spanish 21, all of the tens are removed from the deck, but there are additional bonuses for various hands.

As you can imagine, if you take all the tens out of the deck, the game becomes quite favorable for the casino, and they can easily afford the new bonus payouts.

In Blackjack Switch, players get two hands at a time, but they can switch one card from one hand with another, which is a powerful advantage for the player. Of course, blackjack pays even money, which negates the additional edge offered by that.

Those are just a few of the variations of real money online blackjack that are available online. Various Internet calculators can help you calculate the house edge for given set of rules, but a good rule of thumb is that the more exotic the game is, the more the rules favor the house. Exotic blackjack games are a nice change of pace, but keep in mind that the correct basic strategy might change based on various rules changes, and the house almost always has a higher edge with these games.

Finding a Reputable Casino to Trust With Your Money

You should always investigate the reputations of Internet casinos before depositing any money there. You don’t really have to worry about being dealt an unfair game. Blackjack already has an unassailable house edge, so the casino doesn’t have to “cheat” in order to win at blackjack. The math will win for them.

What you do need to consider is the likelihood of having a problem cashing out the money from your account if you’ve won. Some rogue casinos have developed bad reputations for delaying withdrawals from player accounts. You can investigate most online casinos by searching Google for the name of the casino along with phrases like “legitimate,” “safe,” “scam,” or “withdrawal problems.”

Try to find results from forums where people are seeking help mediating their problems with the casinos. A lot of online casino portals are nothing more than shills for their advertisers, so they’ll make lots of promises about the legitimacy and integrity of the casinos advertises on their site, but there’s an element of self-interest in this content. Legitimate forum posts written by real people are more likely to give you an accurate idea of whether or not you can expect a problem.

Another approach to finding a legitimate Internet casino for online blackjack play is to find a reputable casino portal and play at the casinos recommended by that site. An honest casino portal will back you up in your claims with the casinos, and they have a certain amount of financial leverage with their advertisers that might help you get satisfaction.

All that sounds like Internet blackjack for real money is a dangerous endeavor, but that isn’t the intention of these warnings. Think of an online blackjack casino as being like any other kind of financial institution. You want to do your due diligence before you decide whether or not to do business with that institution.

We spend a lot of time on our site investigating reputations of the advertisers on our site, but we can’t claim any liability for any problems you might have with an online casino. We will, however, back you up in any legitimate claim you have with an Internet blackjack casino.